How to Clean My Home Before and During the Party

Throwing parties is super fun, but you can’t welcome your guests to a messy home. To make sure that they’ll have a great time and feel comfortable at your place, you should clean it properly and prepare for their arrival on time.

How to make my home party-ready?

Follow these easy cleaning tips and impress your guests with a home that shines:

  • Clean the bathroom: When cleaning your bathroom, you should cover all the essentials, and give it a good scrub so that your guests would feel comfortable using it. Make sure to mop the floor, clean the sink and toilet, put clean towels, and make your mirror sparkle.
  • Clean the entrance: If you want to leave a good first impression, you should make sure to clean the entrance of your home and also the hallway. To add a warm touch to this area, you can introduce some greenery and welcome your guests in style.
  • Prepare your guestroom: In case you have a friend staying the night, don’t forget to clean your guest room as well. Make sure to change the linens, vacuum the carpets, and open the windows to eliminate any unpleasant smells.
  • Clear off the kitchen table: You should make sure that there is enough space for the food and drinks, so if there is any clutter on it, don’t forget to deal with it before your guests arrive.

How to keep my home clean during the party?

As a host, you have no time to rest. To ensure that your home stays presentable throughout the evening, you need to take certain steps to keep it clean during the party as well. Here is what you can do:

  • Keep a clean cloth somewhere visible so that you can easily fetch it if you need to clean a spill or address any similar emergency.
  • Throw out the trash as soon as you notice that your garbage can is full and starts to smell bad.
  • Bring empty dishes to the kitchen. You won’t have time to wash them during the party, but you can at least put them in a dishwasher or a sink to minimize the clutter and free up more space on the dining table.
  • Check your bathroom. With the house full of guests, the bathroom is likely to get dirty fast. So, make sure to check it a few times during the evening, mop the floor quickly, and see if there is enough toilet paper.

How can I protect my carpets?

If you have nice carpets in your household that you don’t want to see destroyed, take the following steps, and protect them with zero hassle:

  • Avoid serving red wine and red foods since a single drop will be enough to cause you a headache and spoil the evening.
  • Put a garbage can in every room. To prevent spills and avoid having empty paper cups lying around, remember to place a few extra garbage cans around so that your guests can easily get to them and dispose of any food leftovers and trash.
  • Pick the largest room and keep the party there. If you manage to keep the party contained in one area of the house, it will be much easier for you to keep an eye on your guests and see what needs your immediate attention.
  • Remove your carpet. If your carpet is not too large and you can manage to roll it up and place it in another room, that can be a great solution as well.

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