Boosting Your MS Outlook Statistics With Online Advertising Tools

An email campaign is not the only way to improve your MS Outlook statistics. You can also increase your statistics with online advertising tools.

Dedicated Support

Let’s say that you have a virtual assistant or business partner who keeps a virtual office in your home. Instead of an expensive and ugly desk, a deskless setup would be much more suitable for such a task.

Secure Backups

Now this can sound like a lot of work but think about it. You now have several virtual assistants to handle all your mail and you do not have to spend money on setting up a physical office for them. You also do not have to pay for their telephone bills, access to a fax machine, or to hire someone to clean their desks!

Less Payables

You can stop paying all those monthly bills. You can even get rid of your monthly expenses and start saving.


Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Marketing for Outlook is the answer here. You can market your virtual assistant, your virtual assistant’s business, or your virtual assistant’s assistant.

To promote your virtual assistant’s service or new customers, you need to offer free promotional messages. Depending on your setup, there are free softwares that will help you generate some of these promotional messages.

 You can also use internet marketing tools that will allow you to track what links and ads are leading to your website to provide you with the necessary information on how to improve your website to increase its search engine placement. Or you can make use of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Pay-Per-Click to drive targeted traffic to your website.

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Other online advertising tools that you can use to promote your business or your virtual assistant include article marketing, blog marketing, video marketing, and social networking. Each of these tools can have a tremendous impact on your finances.